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Rustam Minnikhanov expressed concern about some companies that allowed an income tax cut of 2 billion rubles

According to the estimate of the Ministry of Finance of Tatarstan, in the first quarter, 93.2 billion rubles were received in the Republican budget, which is 30% more than last year’s figures. Despite the difficulties, the authorities of the republic promised not to restrict the financing of national projects and to tighten fiscal discipline and switch to a mode of saving budget expenditures. Read more in Realnoe Vremya’s report.

“The situation will get worse”

“We started the year very well, but now it is necessary to readjust quickly,” Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov described at a Republican meeting of Tatarstan’s financial, treasury and tax agencies.

So, in the first quarter of 2022, the budget received 93.2 billion rubles, of which 85 billion rubles are the region’s own income. A total of 317 billion rubles were collected in Tatarstan, most of this amount went to the federal budget.

“Revenue momentum is positive, but we have no right to calm down. The situation will get worse, and we must prepare for it. The economy and our businesses are under unprecedented pressure due to sanctions, the logistics supply chains of products and components need to be rebuilt, import substitution needs to be organised. It does not happen overnight, it is a very serious and expensive task. Separate support measures for producers are also needed,” said Rustam Minnikhanov.

According to calculations by the Ministry of Finance of Tatarstan, the income of backbone enterprises should fall to 21 billion rubles compared to last year’s figures, of which 19 billion comes from industrial and commercial enterprises. Today, the federal list includes 59 backbone organizations of Tatarstan, which make up a third of the economy of the republic, about 140,000 people work there.

Revenue dynamics are positive, but we have no right to calm down, said Rustam Minnikhanov

Minnikhanov stressed that today it is important to ensure their uninterrupted operation. Relevant ministries and municipalities should work out an action plan with each company — based on possible risks — and impose strict financial discipline. For this, he ordered to hold weekly commissions with supervised enterprises that encounter difficulties and reduce payments to the budget, to help producers to establish cooperative ties and to use support measures, including to prepare such offers at the federal level. The financial arm of government must keep this problem under control.

Tax debt increased by 15%

No matter the circumstances, the implementation of national projects will not rub, promised the head of the republic. This year, 29.4 billion rubles will be allocated for these purposes, more than 10 billion here come from the Republican budget.

According to Minnikhanov, work with tax debt is an important reserve. In the first quarter, it exceeded 10.4 billion rubles, up 15% compared to the same period last year. The sectors supervised by the Ministry of Construction of Tatarstan (519 million), the Ministry of Industry and Trade (377 million) and the Ministry of Transport (162 million) lead in overdue tax payments. Tatarstan’s president urged ministers and local authorities to join the issue by working through balancing commissions.

“I demand to keep this issue under special control,” Rustam Minnikhanov said.

Petrochemical companies are leaders in paying taxes

Tax collection in Tatarstan is at a good level, said Marat Safiullin, head of the Tatarstan office of the Federal Tax Service. Thus, in the first quarter of this year, tax payments increased by 1.5 times compared to the same period last year, insurance premiums increased by 18%.

“High financial indicators of companies last year, revenue growth, favorable oil prices and higher salary have become key growth factors. Quality tax administration has become another important factor, which is confirmed by the high rating of the Russian tax services,” Safiullin said.

The head of the Tatarstan office of the Federal Tax Service, Marat Safiullin, said that in the first quarter of this year, tax payments increased by 1.5 times compared to the same period last year .

The petrochemical complex has become a leader in paying taxes. Mineral tax provided the budget with the largest profit – 196.7 billion rubles, which is 1.9 times more than in the first quarter of 2021. Income tax collection increased by 36%, tax on personal income by 24%. At the same time, the return of money from property and social benefits to the population increased by 1.5 times.

The head of the Federal Tax Service noted that the deadlines for inspection of declarations have been reduced as much as possible, today it takes up to 15 days, more than 140,000 citizen applications have already been inspected.

At the same time, according to Safiullin, the sanctions can lead to a number of negative factors that will affect the collection of personal income tax. It is a layoff of staff and a shorter working week, lower rewards and dividends, it is not excluded that the gray labor market develops.

At the end of the campaign, which will end in a week, the expected amount will be 1.5 billion rubles.

“Our analytical instruments allow us to track down tax evaders”

The head of the Tatarstan office of the Federal Tax Service said the number of complaints from Tatarstan taxpayers decreased by 7% in this period compared to the same period in 2021, while the amount of lawsuits with companies decreased by 18%. Decisions on 85% of payments claimed in court were made in favor of the budget.

At the same time, as a result of the tax audits of the Investigative Committee, 16 criminal cases were launched for more than 2 billion rubles, of which 914 million have already been transferred to the budget.

Moreover, the difficult economic situation affects both businesses and citizens. Taxpayer debts increased by 1.4 billion rubles, he noted.

“We cannot allow some particularly enterprising taxpayers to start dodging tax payments under the pressure of sanctions. Our analytical instruments make it possible to track them and ensure the inevitability of the sanction of illegal acts… I would like to emphasize that thanks to the fruitful work with the working group, it has become possible to change the mentality of our fellow citizens. As a result, the number of debtors among natural persons decreases quantitatively – by 200,000 people,” Safiullin noted.

4.5 billion rubles of overdue tax payment

Even though payments to Tatarstan’s budget increased by 30%, overdue payments totaled 4.5 billion rubles, said the Minister of Finance of the republic Radik Gayzatullin. This is 792 million rubles more than in the same period last year. Debt in 32 municipalities increased by 886 million rubles, excluding bankruptcies and closed businesses. Bulgarpivo, whose debt has increased by a third over the past two months and reached 92.2 million rubles, was called among the big debtors.

State internal financial control detected a violation of legislation when using state and municipal property for 14.2 million rubles, inefficient use of public money — 33 million rubles .

Even though payments to Tatarstan’s budget increased by 30%, overdue payments totaled 4.5 billion rubles, the republic’s finance minister Radik Gayzatullin said.

Gayzatyllin informed that the public debt of Tatarstan was 98.1 billion rubles, of which 86.7 billion rubles were debt in federal loans, 11.4 billion rubles – in state guarantees.

The republic received the first tranche of a state loan in the amount of 731 million rubles out of a total of 10.4 billion rubles to implement infrastructure projects.

“To ensure the balance of our budgets, we must reflect together on the economy of public expenditure and optimize the measures”, presented the Minister of Finance.

“No frills”

Summing up, Rustam Minnikhanov expressed concern about some companies that allowed an income tax cut of about 2 billion rubles. He stressed that all measures should be taken to support businesses.

Safeguarding jobs is another important task. Today 5,700 people are in partial employment or unemployment, this number could soon double. The President of Tatarstan ordered to keep the situation in the labor market under control, to support businesses, to exclude salaries paid in an envelope.

Rustam Minnikhanov expressed concern about some companies that allowed an income tax cut of about 2 billion rubles

He also gave municipalities a task: to pay attention to the collection of property tax and land tax. 22 districts have decreased their number in the collection of property tax, while the property tax debt is 486 million rubles. The largest backlog in the latter is in Kazan, Zelenodolsk, Laishevo, Aktanysh, Chistopol Districts.

“We have to look for new markets, new partners, possibilities of import substitution. It is a daily work managed manually. The working group must work quickly. We must not embellish the situation, we must see in advance where we can have failures, ”concluded the head of the republic.

Eleonora Rylova. Photo: tatarstan.ru


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