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We remember our successes at the Tokyo Olympics

Photo: Rinat Nazmetdinov

On Tuesday, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov paid tribute to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic medalists. Zenit Volleyball Club, Sintez Aquatics Club and the entire republic’s fencing community are among the winners. Read more in Realnoe Vremya’s report.

“You have shown determination, professionalism and great sporting prowess”

Athletes, coaches and specialists who gathered in the Kazan Kremlin are the cream of Tatarstan sport, which was silver and gold. Anyway, four silver medals and a champion arrived in Kazan from Tokyo. She, Marta Martyanova, had the honor of delivering a return speech to the President of the Republic and presenting him with a gift — a fencing mask and a sword. Mr. Minnikhanov was interested in the sports weapon from the very beginning, tested the sword, found that the blade of the sword was absolutely safe, he was immediately filled with sports enthusiasm.

Although at first the president looked tired. To compare, we remember his speech after the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Games at home in Sochi, when even the medals of our Paralympians could not compensate for the dissatisfaction caused by the absence of Olympic medals. “You won’t buy us with this money,” Minnikhanov joked as he accepted memorable Olympic medals from former sports minister Marat Bariyev.

While now the mood was so good that the sports management of the republic even let themselves miss the reception of the president. It is necessary to go on vacation enjoying a short break between the Tokyo Olympics, the Games of the CIS countries and many international competitions that Kazan will host until the end of the year starting with a football march between the national teams of Russia and Slovakia on Friday. In addition, it was necessary to remind the international scene about Kazan, since the head of the ministry Vladimir Leonov was on a business trip to Dubai to participate in Expo 2020 where he delivered a report Sports Kazan: The title of the sports capital of Russia. The name, of course, is ambitious, more deserved in previous times, although you can’t argue when it comes to Sintez Aquatics Club, for example. It’s not even the sports capital, it’s a metropolis on the water.

That is why others listened to the pleasant words of Minnikhanov: “I want to congratulate you on the successful performance at the Tokyo Olympics. Although the competition took place a year later, you showed determination, professionalism and great sporting prowess. Thanks to your performance, Tatarstan’s sports industry has received greater recognition in the international arena,” Minnikhanov said to compliments.

Athletes, coaches and specialists who gathered in the Kazan Kremlin are the cream of Tatarstan sports

Today, the Tatarstan swimming team has five candidates for the European Championships. Yegor Kiumov is a sub

By the way, along with the male and female Olympic heroes, those who also made a great contribution to these victories were also invited to the Kremlin: former Zenit head coach Vladimir Alekno, Kazan fencing master Ildar Shaymardanov, swimming coach Sergey Tarasov and Tatarstan team manager Alexey Kuznetsov who told our newspaper about the competitions Kazan will be busy with in the short term.

“The Short Course Worlds start here first, then the European Championships will be held. Then the swimming to get to St. Petersburg where the Nationals will be held, all short course competitions. The Nationals will qualify for the Championships of the world in short course, which will take place in the Emirates and will put an end to it.

Also recalling that our strongest swimmers have recently participated in commercial competitions, we note with satisfaction that they will finally have a period of super intensive competition which should compensate for their forced leave during the pandemic. Incidentally, the pandemic has brought changes to qualifying for the European Short Course Championships in Kazan in November, where athletes will compete after the country’s nationals in 2021, which were held in 50-meter pools. Welcome to the post-pandemic world where people qualify for last year’s European Championship according to this year’s nationals in the usual 50 meter pools.

As for swimmers from Tatarstan, we are expecting Veronika Andrusenko and Grigory Tarasevich, Eduard Valiakhmetov and Renata Gaynullina as well as our former swimming team Alexander Krasnykh from the Russian national team. In case of refusal, the team can grow. For example, Yegor Kuimov from the Sintez sports club is on the waiting list. Recall that Antion Chupkov announced his retirement (suspension) from the Tokyo Olympics. Maybe some members of today’s team will set their priorities for the season differently and only want to compete at the world championships. In any case, we expect the performance to be as good as in 2016, when Krasnykh won all the medals – gold, silver, bronze – and returned Tatarstan to the swimming world map after the success of Yana Martynova. Krasnykh himself isn’t sure we “could repeat” the result at the World Championships, but he is ready to compete on home soil and shared that Yevgeny Rylov and Ivan Giryov are ready to come to Kazan with all the stars of Russian swimmers who have approached world leaders in recent years.

Rustam Minnikhanov has paid tribute to Maxim Mikhailov many times before

Artur Akhmatkhuzin: ‘The victory turned out to be both hard-won and heroic’

By the way, at the athlete’s award ceremony, it might seem that Minnikhanov would have problems pinning the award for the very top Artyom Volvich, but there was a pause when he awarded Maxim Mikhailov whom Mr. Minnikhanov had honored many times before. There was one person among the winners who was unfamiliar to our fans. It turned out that this person whom we heard, seen a lot, was written about him less than he was worth, was the Olympic champion Artur Akhmatkhuzin. The Rio 2016 Olympic champion in the team epee is now coaching Tatarstan’s main heroine of the 2020 Olympics, Marta Martyanova. Once again, exclusively for Realnoe Vremya, the champion and trainer of Marta shared his impressions of his pupil’s victory and the memories of his own success five years ago.

“I would like to congratulate Tatarstan on the victory of local student Marta Martyanova, the victory turned out to be both hard-won and heroic, which increases its value and the pleasant feelings of victory. I am happy as a coach to have lived up to the expectations of the management and the national coaches chaired by Ilgar Mamedov and the management of the Tatarstan school with Ildar Shaymardanov. At first we couldn’t even think of this win in our wildest dreams but so the medal was hard earned as Marta qualified competing with the best epee fencers in the country as the team national already had the skeleton which succeeded together in many world championships. and European Championships. Changing something in such a team was a big risk, but Ilgar Mamedov took the risk, and it was justified. Also, Marta has improved a lot over the past year and defended her right to make the national team after knockout bouts.

As for the Olympics, because of the pandemic, the coaching staff of the Russian team was seriously reduced, and I watched all of Marta’s fights at home, very worried. The worries are different from those when you are on the slopes. You can let off steam there, but sitting in front of the screen you have to accumulate these emotions inside. I constantly argued with Marta, supported her as much as possible. She was not on the national team for the team events, and we accepted this situation thinking that Marta was going to the Olympics to gain experience that would help her in the future. At the same time, she was always ready to be on the slopes. That’s why her appearance in the semi-finals with the American was not a surprise. Another thing is that the injury in the final against the French athletes was a shock for us. It turned out that five years ago when our men’s team where I played competed with the same France, they decided to change one of the swordsmen so that he also got the gold medal . In the end he got a medal but a silver medal because we managed to turn the tide of that fight. In Tokyo, the situation could have been completely different, but Marta fulfilled her task 100% with a heroic tone despite the injury. I repeat that it all ended in victory, both hard-won and heroic. Before the next three-year Olympic cycle, as a representative of the coaching staff of the Russian national team, I say that we are counting a lot on Marta. On the one hand, she is very young, on the other, she has to prove the legitimacy of Tokyo’s success.

Djaudat Abdullin. Photo: Rinat Nazmetdinov


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