“Tatarstan is keen to use Iran’s experiences to neutralize sanctions”

TEHRAN — Tatarstan’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade Korobchenko Oleg Vladimirovich said his country was eager to benefit from Iran’s experience in circumventing US sanctions, reported the Iranian Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) portal.

“In recent months, Russia has been facing problems that Iran has been grappling with for the past 40 years, for this reason, in order to benefit from the experiences of your country to get rid of these problems, we are traveled to Iran with a 30-member business delegation,” Vladimirovich said during a meeting with TPO chief Alireza Peyman-Pak on Saturday.

During this meeting, Peyman-Pak highlighted the industrial and oil and gas capabilities of the Republic of Tatarstan, saying, “We are fully ready to develop relations with the Republic of Tatarstan. Fortunately, in the new era, relations between the two countries have developed a lot and an appropriate framework for the cooperation of the parties has been laid out.

He said a working group has been set up to organize the two parties’ collaborations in various fields, including trade, industry, logistics and energy.

“I hope that today’s meeting and the trips you will have to different Iranian cities will be an introduction to the expansion of economic relations and create a leap in future trade and industrial cooperation,” Peyman-Pak said. .


Rose D. Jones