Tatarstan appoints harvest leaders —

In Tatarstan, all regions of the republic began to harvest grain — 425,000 hectares, or 28% of the plan, were threshed, threshing amounted to 1.6 million tons with an average yield of 39 c /ha, said the first deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan Nail Zalakov said during a meeting at the Government House of the Republic of Tatarstan.

He named the areas that showed good productivity in harvesting.

In the Volga region, the leader was traditionally the Tetyushsky district, which threshed 43% of the grain. In the republic, the district showed the highest yield (55 kg/ha) and the highest grind – more than 109,000 tons. Verkhneuslonsky district shows low rates, it has the lowest yield index — 29 c/ha.

In Western Zakamye, Aksubayevsky, Novosheshminsky and Nurlatsky districts are the leaders. They harvested more than 40% of the grain area with milling in the districts of 68.87 and 64 thousand tons, respectively. Spassky and Alkeevsky districts, on the contrary, need to increase the pace of harvesting.

Photo: Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Tatarstan

In Eastern Zakamye, Menzelinsky and Aktanyshsky districts have good harvest indicators – 38% each. In terms of yield, the highest indicator is in the Menzelinsky and Zainsky districts — more than 50 c/ha. In the Tukayevsky district, only 24% was harvested.

In south-eastern Zakamye, Muslyumovsky district is the leader in terms of milling and yield – the milling amounted to 55,000 tons with a yield of more than 40 c/ha. The largest grind in this area is in the Yutazinsky district – 42% of the grain area. Bugulminsky and Bavlinsky districts are outsiders — less than 15%.

In the northern zone of Tatarstan, in the territory of the Predkamye region, the harvest begins ten days later. The highest yield index in this area is in Kukmor district — over 38 c/ha. Atninsky district also achieved high productivity here – it beat 37% of the grain area.

Photo: Ilya Repin

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