Opening of a Turkmenistan Trading House in Tatarstan

Turkmenistan Turkmen trading housea private export-oriented company, opened in Kazan, the capital of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan, focusing mainly on products made in Turkmenistan.

Tatarstan has a similar ethnic background to Turkmenistan, with the majority of the republic’s population being of Tartar descent. It is served by the Volga and the Trans-Siberian Railway in the European part of Russia.

One of the priority directions of the commercial activity of the trading house is the expansion of the range of textile, knitwear and clothing products produced in Turkmenistan. The company will engage in both wholesale and retail trade of Turkmen and Russian products.

The House, which registered in Kazan in March 2021, aims to attract wholesale and small-scale buyers, as well as business entities engaged in the manufacture, distribution and sale of goods.

From the very beginning, the company set itself the goal of providing direct deliveries from the main factories in Turkmenistan, equipped with the most modern technologies and meeting international standards.

Turkmenistan initially decided to open a trading house in Kazan due to the high demand for its products in Russia.

Location of Tatarstan within Russia

Turkmenistan places great value on its relations with Tatarstan. The two parties cooperate in areas such as oil exploration, oil production, gas transport, automobile, aeronautical and naval construction, energy, supply of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medicine, construction, agriculture, innovations and information technologies. Branches of major Tatarstan companies, such as KAMAZ, Tatneft and IED-Holding, also operate in Turkmenistan.

In 2019, Turkmenistan exported $144 million worth of goods to Russia. The main products exported from Turkmenistan to Russia were non-retail pure cotton yarn (US$33.4 million), propylene polymers (US$31.7 million) and ethylene (US$29.3 million). The Turkmen Trading House will focus more on consumer goods, including traditional fabrics and consumables.

To increase the volume of Turkmen products offered on the world market, the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan has established trading houses in dozens of countries, including Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Turkey and China.

Kazan is connected by high-speed train to Moscow with discussions on this route extended to Beijing.

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