Krivoruchko hands out contracts for drones and ships to citizens of Tatarstan —

Republican defense industry enterprises brought more than 30 samples of military equipment to Kubinka near Moscow

Armored car Akhmat, the first buyer of which was the leader of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, universal amphibious assault ships from Ak Bars, proven Orlan drones from the dishonored factory Electropribor – these samples of military equipment will be received by the armed forces Russians in the near future. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation signed state contracts totaling more than 500 billion rubles at the Army 2022 international forum on August 16. Among them, a surprise was a new contract with the Zelenodolsk Gorky plant for the construction of a batch of research vessels for the Russian Navy.

Army Forum 2022 brought together militaries from 87 states

The Army 2022 international military-technical forum in Kubinka, near Moscow, was not the first large-scale exhibition event since the start of the military special operation in Ukraine, which was ignored by representatives of the countries hostile Westerners. Nevertheless, the international boycott did not threaten it at all, since the representatives of the armed forces of the states of Southeast Asia, Africa and the CIS countries that have long acquired Russian weapons are traditionally guests forum regulars. They closely monitor new products and evaluate them at business meetings in Kubinka. This was confirmed by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

According to the head of the Main Department of Innovative Development of the Ministry of Defense, Alexander Osadchuk, they continue to receive requests for participation from foreign delegations.

“If on the eve of the forum such confirmations were received from 72 states, then by August 15 their number reached 87,” he said in his welcoming speech.

For example, representatives of the military departments of Brunei, Bangladesh and Venezuela came to the forum. The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation held bilateral meetings with the delegations of Armenia, Belarus, Burundi, Iran and Uganda. Thirty-two companies from 6 foreign countries presented military products at the Army 2022 forum, Osadchuk said.

But Russian defense industry companies presented the largest display of 28,000 samples of military and dual-use products. According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, 1,497 companies and organizations participate in the static exhibition.


Naberezhnye Chelny’s Akhmat will be assembled faster than Typhoon

A hype erupted around the Akhmat armored car, developed by the Remdiesel enterprise in Naberezhnye Chelny based on the experience of paratroopers during the special military operation in Ukraine. This machine with the code designation Z-STS has a wheel formula of 6×6 and is designed for the rapid delivery of a group of soldiers.

“The car is made on a serial chassis in order to saturate the troops as much as possible with protected equipment now,” said Igor Zarakhovich, the chief designer of Remdiesel.

According to him, the machine was developed in a very short time, in 25 days: “The concept is that we use a series chassis and that we make a construction similar in protection class to Typhoon, we obtain a machine which can be manufactured quickly and which has a very high protection class.

Why did designers from Naberezhnye Chelny give the car the name “Akhmat”? As explained in the company, the car was named after the first president of Chechnya in the Russian Federation, Akhmat Kadyrov. His first buyer was his son Ramzan Kadyrov.

“He showed perseverance and great interest in receiving the first batch of cars. He was sent to Grozny in June,” Remdiesel said.

And the requirements for the car were formed by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation itself. Akhmat will be produced in large quantities for the benefit of the Russian Armed Forces. “If Typhoons had a long manufacturing cycle, then these machines would do it 7 to 10 times faster. His task is to produce quickly and a lot,” said Igor Zarakhovich.

Informational excitement erupted around the Akhmat armored car, developed by the Remdiesel enterprise in Naberezhnye Chelny. Photo:

What the Russian Ministry of Defense buys

Against the background of the need to patrol the sea borders in the Crimea, the exhibition of the shipbuilding company Ak Bars aroused interest. For the first time it included the JSC of the Zelenodolsk Gorky Plant, the Zelenodolsk Design Bureau and the PLC of the Zaliv Shipbuilding Plant.

Tatarstan shipbuilders presented 9 new modifications of ships of different classes, but the universal landing ship modification of project 23900 was given the spotlight. The project was developed by the Zelenodolsk Design Bureau JSC, and their construction will be carried out in Kerch. The contract for the construction of the first two was signed two years ago.

Photo: Roman Khasaev/

According to the head of the Ak Bars shipbuilding company, Renat Mistakhov, the Zelenodolsk Design Bureau (ZPKB) is carrying orders until 2027. “Basically, these are military contracts,” said Zhirkov, the head of the ZPKB.

This means that the holdings themselves are provided with long-term work. On August 16, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation completed the order portfolio with new contracts. Deputy Defense Minister Aleksey Krivoruchko handed over a new contract for the supply of ships of project 03182P at the Army 2022 forum. We are talking about the construction of a new batch of research vessels for the Russian Navy. Previously, three such ships were laid at the Zelenodolsk plant.

At the height of demand from the Russian army — drones. On August 16, contracts were signed for the supply of Kazan Orlan-10 and Orlan-30 drones (the main contractor is the Special Technology Center PLC from St. Petersburg).

Drones are in high demand by the Russian military. Photo:

Comments from the Elektropribor company in Kazan could not be obtained, because the current general director Shchatskykh is still under investigation, although he has already been released from prison.

In addition, a contract was signed with another Kazan manufacturer, Enix JSC, for the supply of the Eleron-3 drone. The Elérons are taking part in the special operation in Ukraine. The 2022 Army Forum will last until August 21.

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