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Tatarstan Investment and Venture Fund summarized the results of the year

The results of the 7th competition “Fifty best innovative ideas for the Republic of Tatarstan” were summed up in Kazan. The competition is the “gateway” to the promotion of startups created by young people. According to the director of the Tatarstan Investment and Venture Fund, Aynur Aydeldinov, 100-200 competitive startups appear every year. Six-seven of them are then bought by large companies. During the 17 years of the fund’s existence, 682 companies have been financed, 116 startups have generated revenues of more than 1 billion rubles, 61 million rubles paid in taxes and, above all, more than 800 jobs created.

Ideas competition

This year, 1,953 entries from different regions of Russia were submitted for the “Fifty Best Innovative Ideas for the Republic of Tatarstan” competition. All of them passed through the “sieve” of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan. The winners of nine nominations were 165 entrants, who were awarded at the Korston hotel, shopping and entertainment complex. They received prizes from 25 to 220 thousand rubles, as well as the opportunity to participate in the Idea-1000 program, where they can receive funding for the development of their project. Another 50 interesting ideas were noted and encouraged by the competition partners – Ak Bars Bank, Tatneftekhiminvest Holding, SINKH, Khimgrad, Tatneft, IT Park.

The developments of the young startups covered all spheres of life – from socially significant innovations to new technologies and materials. The organizers note that the number of applications in the field of medical technologies and devices, ecology, as well as agriculture, food and biotechnology has increased.

For example, Anastasia Butova, a graduate student of the Kazan Veterinary Academy, developed a project to organize effective veterinary services for orphanages for neglected animals. She noted that her project is very relevant, since a large number of dog attacks on children and adults have been recorded in Tatarstan.

“Today we have a big problem with stray animals living on the streets, especially to control their numbers and veterinary care. In our project, we have drawn up a scheme of veterinary services for shelters, the procedure for the primary reception of animals, preventive measures, in particular against the dangerous disease transmissible to humans such as rabies, the establishment of a shelter and staffing of its employees. The project has no analogues in Russia. There are hardly any stray animals in Europe, and I hope that in the future we will also have a home for every four-legged animal,” said the winner.

The project of the associate professor of the Kazan State Academy of Veterinary Medicine, Ilnur Kamaldinov, is devoted to breeding work with Tatar breed horses. Now this national breed is revived on three farms in Tyulyachinsky, Leninogorsky and Alkeevsky districts.

“The number of these horses is increasing every year and we plan to increase the number to 3,000. There are now over 600 as of today. Breeding of the Tatar breed of horses – this is also the production of koumisses, kazylyk and participation in cultural events – sabantuys and horse races”, shared Kamaldinov.

Nikolay Mikhailov, a 21-year-old KNRTU-KAI student, is one of the developers of a search and recruitment platform for IT professionals in Russia.

“It’s great that there are such competitions that allow young people to implement their ideas. It’s great that a community of startups is growing in Russia, such initiatives contribute to the development of entrepreneurship,” said Mikhailov.

This year the contest was held for the 17th time. Photo:

“An opportunity to support inventors”

Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Aleksey Pesochin took part in the award ceremony for the winners. Welcoming the participants of the forum, he noted that Tatarstan is open to cooperation with all investment companies and innovators who are ready to invest their efforts in the development, promotion and production of competitive high-tech products.

“The competition “50 best innovative ideas for the Republic of Tatarstan” is a successful form of research and dissemination of ideas and talents, where it is possible to support inventors and choose the best ones. This platform helps to create productive links between institutions, innovation infrastructures, universities, professional associations and established companies. A new potential of human resources is being formed around the innovation infrastructure”, underlined the head of the government of the republic.

Director of the Investment and Venture Capital Fund of Tatarstan Aynur Aydeldinov said that this year the contest was held for the 17th time. Its main objective is to stimulate research activities and attract the attention of young people.

“For 17 years, we have received more than 25,000 applications and around 2.5,000 companies have won. If at first we received 400-450 applications, this year — almost 2 thousand. These statistics indicate that the main objective of the competition has been achieved. Last year, I believe, the significant event took place – one of the most serious and high-tech companies in the domestic market, Tatneft PJSC, appeared as a partner of the competition. Relying on the scientific basis and the latest technologies, it is engaged in the extraction of oil from hard-to-recover reserves. The participation of such a company will be a serious incentive to support companies that carry out research in this field, ranging from digitization, from the environmental agenda to new materials: all these projects can be involved in joint work”, said said Aydeldinov.

Aynur Aydeldinov: “For 17 years, we have received more than 25,000 applications and around 2.5,000 companies have become winners.” Photo:

“116 startups have generated revenues of more than a billion rubles”

Answering the question of Realnoe Vremya, which projects he finds the most interesting and promising, the head of the Investment and Venture Capital Fund stressed that there are many of them. He drew attention to the fact that the nominees of the competition “50 innovative ideas of the Republic of Tatarstan” get the right to participate in the Idea-1000 program, which is a logical continuation of support tools in the field of technological entrepreneurship.

“If before 2018 we were getting 50 nominees into the program’s ‘funnel’, now we are taking them from the whole open market. Even 6-7 years ago we weren’t even dreaming of startups appearing on the free market. Applications were received mainly from universities, research institutes and today we can say that the 17-year systematic systematic work has completely changed the technological ecosystem of the Republic of Tatarstan. today we select 100-200 startups on the open market, during this time 682 companies were funded, and 116 of them, these kids, generated revenues of more than a billion rubles, paid 61 million tax rubles and, above all, created more than 800 jobs.These are high-tech jobs that are prescribed in the 2030 development strategy, it is the basis of fundamental technological entrepreneurship, with which we associate our future.

Interestingly, the winners of the Idea-1000 in turn enter the Russian Acceleration Program, then 50 projects are selected from them, which are exhibited within the framework of the Russian Venture Forum. The next one will take place on March 31, 2022 and preparations are well underway.

Aydeldinov said that after participating in the Idea-1000 program, startups are bought by large companies. If there were 1-2 such transactions before, now 8-10 transactions take place per year. If 6-7 years ago there were no startups meeting market criteria, now there are 100-150 competitive startups per year.

The speaker considers this a great merit of the Investment and Venture Capital Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan. Recently, moreover, the board of experts of the Venture Investor Award recognized him as “the best venture capitalist in the region”. For 17 years, FIV has managed to build an innovative elevator system in Tatarstan. Previously, there was only the Idea technopark. Today there are more than 100 industrial parks, 20-30 business incubators and technoparks in the republic. The Investment and Venture Capital Fund, through its support programs for entrepreneurs and risky investments, becomes the link in this system. Over the past 15 years, 10 rubles of external investment have been attracted for every ruble invested by the fund.

One hundred and sixty-five participants became winners in nine nominations. Photo:

The pandemic has adjusted the market

Summarizing the results of the year in the Russian venture capital market, Aydeldinov pointed out that the pandemic had had a serious impact on it. There were many more transactions related to remote access technologies, education services, medical services, e-commerce, delivery. These are projects that are put in place quickly: investments today, profits tomorrow.

“The influx of funds from investors into the venture capital markets has doubled worldwide. This year we are witnessing a revival in the Russian market. To date, 150-200 funds operate on the territory of the Russian Federation, their capitalization exceeds $4 billion. Five years ago, there were funds with public participation, with a capitalization of 1 to 2 billion dollars. The difference was made up by private capital and the corporate market. Over the past three years, we have seen big business activity. Aware that the demand for technology is the basis of business competitiveness, they study the startup market.

The head of the Tatarstan Investment and Venture Fund cited the statistics: for 6 months of 2021, transactions worth $1 billion took place on the Russian market. The main amount – 600 million – represents such large enterprises as Sberbank, Yandex, MTS. The very fact of such transactions stimulates and energizes the market, promotes the emergence of new startups.

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