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Tatarstan ahead of Udmurtia in terms of growth dynamics

In Tatarstan in June this year, the average amount of consumer credit reached 228,074 rubles. Compared to the previous month, it increased by 41.3%, according to data from the National Bureau of Credit History (NBKI).

According to the average size of consumer loans, Tatarstan is 12th in the ranking of the top 30 regions in terms of consumer loans. The top three are Moscow (484.5 thousand rubles), Moscow Oblast (360.8 thousand) and St. Petersburg (319.8 thousand).

Tatarstan has become one of the leaders in the growth dynamics of average consumer credit verification among the 30 regions of Russia represented in the NBKI rating. The republic was surpassed only by Udmurtia, where in June the average amount of consumer credit increased by 46.1% compared to May.

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According to the NBKI, 28,335 consumer loans were issued in Tatarstan in June. Their number increased compared to May by 4.2%.

“After a sharp drop in March-April 2022, the average amount of consumer loans in the following months returned to the level at the beginning of the year. Moreover, this happened against the background of a significant increase of the issuance of consumer loans in April-June, which is mainly due to the reduction of the key rate of the Bank of Russia and the subsequent reduction of market rates, “explained Aleksey Volkov, the marketing director of NBKI .

In general, according to 4 thousand creditors who transfer information to the NBKI, in June 2022 the average amount of loans issued for the purchase of consumer goods amounted to 232.2 thousand rubles. Compared to May, it increased by 25.5%.

The average amount of consumer credit exceeds January figures

As Realnoe Vremya found out, the average size of consumer credit in Tatarstan almost reached the February pre-sanction level and exceeded the January value. So, according to the National Bureau of Credit History (NBKI), in February of this year it exceeded 245.1 thousand rubles, and in January — 201.7 thousand.

A noticeable decrease in the average size of consumer credit in Tatarstan was recorded in the spring, after the start of the special military operation and the subsequent sanctions attack by the West. In June, it increased for the first time since the beginning of spring.

Thus, according to the NBKI, in the first month of sanctions, in March, the average amount of a car loan in Tatarstan collapsed by 45.9% compared to February. It was estimated at 134.2 thousand.

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The following month, the average amount of consumer credit in Tatarstan continued to decline. In April, it amounted to almost 139.2 thousand rubles.

Consumer credit began to pick up in late spring. In May, the average consumer loan amount reached almost 161.4 thousand rubles, an increase of 15.9% compared to April.

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