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Abnormally warm weather forecast in Tatarstan, but snow will not go anywhere

The heat and precipitation plan has been exceeded

There is less than a week left before the arrival of winter. Late fall was bountiful in snowfall and blizzards, which surprised many motorists and outdoor recreation enthusiasts. Yuri Perevedentsev, a professor at the Department of Meteorology, Climatology and Atmospheric Ecology at Kazan Federal University, told Realnoe Vremya what kind of weather Tatarstan citizens should prepare for in the last days of autumn and whether it is already possible to make plans for the main winter vacation

Now, according to him, Tatarstan is under the influence of the North Atlantic, warm moist air masses enter the territory of the republic. Thanks to this, until the end of November, the weather in the Republic of Tatarstan will be unusually warm, and the temperature will be about five degrees above the climatic norm. For comparison: the long-term average temperature characteristic of this period is 6 degrees below zero. However, in the next few days, daytime temperatures will approach zero and nighttime temperatures will hover between 2 and 3 degrees below zero. Such weather is expected in general in the European part of Russia.

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Recently, a fairly large amount of precipitation fell in Tatarstan. According to Yury Perevedentsev, now that the height of the snow cover is 15 centimeters, the snow continues to arrive. The November precipitation plan is not only successfully implemented, but even exceeded. By the heat, moreover, too.

Despite the abnormal heat, the inhabitants of Tatarstan will not be left without snow. The fact is that even if the daytime temperatures are close to zero, the nighttime temperatures still remain negative. Therefore, not only will the snow cover not go anywhere, but it will also begin to increase.

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“If a blocking anticyclone comes our way, December will be cold”

Meanwhile, it is quite difficult to talk about the weather on New Year’s Eve. According to the long-term forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, in December the background temperature will be below the climatic norm, that is, say that this month it will be colder than usual. But January, February and March will remain within the climatic norm.

As the KFU professor explains, everything will depend on the hurricane activity:

“If cyclones often visit the republic, December will be above the climatic norm and there will be a lot of snow. And if a blocking anticyclone comes to us, then December will be cold, and we can also expect a new cold year.

But so far, all this remains at the level of speculation and conjecture. According to Yury Perevedentsev, no one can give accurate forecasts in detail for this period. At best, detailed information can only be given a week in advance, and then events are already probabilistic. What can be said in general about December: this month the weather is quite unstable and subject to fluctuations.

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Bad weather in Tatarstan in recent weeks

Over the past few weeks, meteorologists have repeatedly warned residents of Tatarstan about deteriorating weather conditions. The first snow fell in the republic at the end of October, and a regular snowfall fell in the Republic of Tatarstan two weeks ago. For example, in Kazan, in a short time, serious traffic jams formed on the roads, accidents occurred in places.

Since then, heavy rainfall has been preserved in Tatarstan. At the same time, several hundred units of special equipment began to take to the streets of the capital of Tatarstan every day for snow removal. Last Saturday in the Republic of Tatarstan, due to a severe snowstorm, the movement of intercity buses was completely restricted. It only resumed on Sunday morning.

Cloudy weather with clearings is expected in the republic today. Snow is expected at certain times and in certain regions – a blizzard and ice in certain places during the day. According to the forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Republic of Tatarstan, residents of Tatarstan may be caught by strong gusty winds up to 16 m/s. The maximum air temperature during the day will be 1-6 degrees below zero.

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