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According to an audit of the Tatarstan regional office of the United Russia party, almost one in ten members of the party have been removed from the list, that is no less than 13,000 people. The reshuffle will rejuvenate the Tatarstan office, the head of the Tatarstan office believes, will make the staff more efficient. Today, Tatarstan is the leading region in the successful implementation of many projects aimed at improving people’s quality of life, General Secretary of the General Party Council Andrey Turchak noted at the 34and session. Read more in Realnoe Vremya’s report.

Today United Russia is responsible for everything that happens in the country

Attending the conference, the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov stressed that at this time United Russia plays the main role in the politics of the republic. A professional team has been created to achieve goals in the Tatarstan regional office of United Russia. The President reminded the audience that our United Russia office was the largest in the country.

“The results of the work are seen in the results of the elections. 1.8 million voters voted for representatives of United Russia in the State Duma elections. Over the past five years, we have elected the republican parliament, fully created regional and city councils, elected deputies to the State Duma. The party has a stable majority at all levels of representative power. Many projects and programs are effectively implemented in the republic. It is the construction of comfortable housing, the opening of new schools, kindergartens, cultural facilities, the modernization of hospitals, the construction of roads. Today, United Russia is responsible for everything that happens in the country,” Minnikhanov noted.

Rustam Minnikhanov: “Today United Russia is responsible for everything that happens in the country”

Regular rotation as a key principle of the ruling party

United Russia Regional Office Secretary Farid Mukhametshin noted as the keynote speaker that rotation has become mandatory for all executive levels. During this period, a large number of new party members who have passed through the crucible of election campaigns at all levels have appeared. Mukhametshin believes this has become a consequence of the open voting system.

“For example, more than 11,000 people took part in municipal primaries in 2020 alone, half of whom entered politics for the first time. A third of the local self-government councils have been renewed. At the same time, the local offices are still involved in associative and social projects.

According to him, party activity in Tatarstan is organically intertwined with administrative work. All heads of towns and municipalities are secretaries of local offices. It is a crucial decision. Party management falls primarily on executive secretaries and specialists, moreover, the requirements for them are quite high – from knowledge of rules and regulations, administrative work, an increasing number of reports to skills in working with systems information, social media, the organization of the reception of the population, noted Mukhametshin.

Farid Mukhametshin: ““For example, more than 11,000 people took part in municipal primaries in 2020 alone, half of whom entered politics for the first time. The composition of local self-government councils has been renewed by a third”

Local political councils poorly control the work of voluntary unions of party members

Khalil Giniyatov, chairman of the Regional Control Commission, said that 23 meetings of the Control and Review Commission were held in 2021. During the year, the membership of 10 people was suspended, one person was been excluded.

“The main task of the commission is to carry out integrated inspections of local offices to verify their financial and economic activity. Typically, at least 25% of local offices are inspected. Over the past five years, 86 inspections have been carried out. The purpose of these inspections is to analyze the political situation in the districts, the amount of party work, the scope. At a meeting of the political council on December 23, the situation in the local party organizations was analysed.

The chairman of the commission noted a number of serious problems:

“The local political councils poorly control the work of the voluntary unions of party members, formally there is a control body, the election of delegates is not discussed in the general assemblies of these unions. Real work is done in more than a hundred party projects in the neighborhoods, but it hardly manifests itself in the decisions of local political councils.

Khalil Giniyatov: “Real work is being done in more than a hundred party projects in neighborhoods, but it is almost not manifested in the decisions of local political councils”

Digitization of United Russia

It is already clear that the future development of the organization will depend on the use of digital platforms. As proof of this point, Farid Mukhametshin asserted that the All-Russian information and communication system has become an important instrument of “corporate” management over the past 10 years. To prove it, he provided some numbers.

“On the basis of this multimodal basis, the register of candidates, the organization of the primaries, the mobilization, the work with the observers during the electoral campaigns have become usual. We were one of the first to start using video conferencing, online conferencing, electronic exchange of documents,” the secretary of the United Russia Tatarstan office said.

The Tatarstan office is well represented on social networks. A large number of accounts have become good supports in election campaigns in 2018-2021. During the latter, more than 4,600 messages were published. Deputies, secretaries of local offices, supporters, young people are involved in the work of the party in social networks, there is cooperation with the blogging community of the republic, noted Mukhametshin.

The Tatarstan office of United Russia showed great efficiency

Thanks to the constructive cooperation between the branches of power, the support of the President and the Government of Tatarstan, all the instructions received from the people – and this has been the news for the past five years – are now found in republican and municipal programs (roadmaps) with specific deadlines and funding through the budget. This mechanism was tested for the first time during the election of deputies to the State Duma and the presidential election in 2019-2020, 8,846 petitions were received. The execution of the road map here is approaching 905. After the Duma election, more than 5,500 petitions were received (5,518).

Secretary General of United Russia Andrey Turchak also noted that currently the Tatarstan office is the largest in the country in the number of party members and the most efficient in its activity. According to him, the republic is traditionally represented by a large group of deputies in the State Duma. While United Russia in Tatarstan itself holds stable positions not only in the State Council, but also in local self-government agencies.

“The administration sets big goals to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the republic, which is an indisputable priority for United Russia. Tatarstan becomes a flagship in many important programs, it is the repair of health institutions, rural clubs, camps, the arrangement of public spaces. The Our Court program works effectively on the territory of the republic, many of its components were also in demand at the federal level,” Turchak noted.

Farid Mukhametshin again became secretary of the office

Conference delegates voted for the presidential candidate of the Tatarstan regional office of the United Russia political party. The secretary is chosen for five years. Two candidates were declared – the head of the Zelenodolsk district Mikhail Afanasyev and the chairman of the Tatarstan State Council Farid Mukhametshin.

Farid Mukhametshin was again elected secretary of the regional office by majority. “He’s the patriarch of our party’s politics,” is how Andrey Turchak described the re-elected secretary of the regional office.

“Farid Mukhametshin effectively chaired the regional office for 20 years,” said Andrey Turchak. “There are a lot of election cycles and victories behind you. It is responsible work that Farid Mukhametshin does 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 366 days a year. In the eyes of the voters, United Russia is literally responsible for everything, and it is important to remember that our party is a huge resource of the president, who does business.

The conference delegates also renewed the composition of the regional political council and the panel, the regional control commission.

One of the best schools in Tatarstan in the federal reparation program

Before the start of the conference, Andrey Turchak and Farid Mukhametshin visited Lyceum No. 131 in Kazan. In 2022, 19,474 million federal silver rubles and 12,983 million regional silver rubles (a total of 32,457 million) are to be allocated for a reparations program. The construction of the school which opened in 1961 does not comply with modern requirements, which are imposed by the supervisory agencies by the educational bodies.

The school has been a leader in the number of winners and medalists of school Olympiads and different competitions for many years. There are over 200 Doctors of Science and over 3,000 Candidates of Science among its graduates. In the results of compulsory unified state examinations (mathematics and Russian), the lyceum has been the first in the republic in recent years. The number of people who want to study there often exceeds the capacity of the school. 3 to 5 people claim a place there every year.

In 2008, the lyceum was added to the Russian Honor Book. In 2009 it was included in the State Register of Leading Educational Institutions of Russia. In 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, the high school was in the top 25 of the best Russian schools.

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