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Hosting tour operators, journalists and bloggers will cost 2.2 million

The Tatarstan State Committee for Tourism is waiting for tour operators, journalists and bloggers until the end of the year. The committee is ready to allocate a generous 2.2 million rubles from their receipt of the Republican budget, Realnoe Vremya found out.

Guests will be accommodated in hotels in the historic center of the capital. The Tatarstan State Committee for Tourism plans to provide optimal living conditions. An entrepreneur is obliged to accommodate tour operators, journalists and bloggers under the following conditions:

  • for at least 55 days in a standard double room in a three-star hotel, including organization and breakfast;
  • for at least 35 days in a standard double room in a four-star hotel;
  • for at least 60 days in a standard double room in a four-star hotel;
  • for at least 30 days in standard single rooms in a five-star hotel.

The committee is ready to organize a real feast for the guests. It is planned to offer them lunch and dinner in cafes and restaurants located in the historic center, at their place of residence. As few as 280 lunch portions, 270 dinner portions are ordered. The guest table will include a vegetable or meat salad, a national Tatar pastry, a second plate of meat or fish and, of course, tea or coffee.

Photo: Maxim Platonov

The program includes two coffee breaks — one ordinary and one national. In the first case, it is planned to serve diners an appetizer of fish or vegetables or fruits and a set of pickles or fruits. The national coffee break will be much more nutritious. You can use charcuterie, especially horse sausage, or pastry made from beef, lamb, chicken or duck. In addition to this, guests will be served vegetables and a berry drink.

They can fully enjoy the beauty of Kazan – the State Committee intends to offer five-hour guided tours. The program cannot help but include the icon of the capital of Tatarstan – the Kazan Kremlin. Tourists will be able to see the Qul Sharif Mosque and the Assumption Cathedral. In addition, they will walk along the old Tatar settlement, go to the Marjani Mosque and the Monastery of the Virgin Mary of Kazan.

Also, guests will travel outside of Kazan. Specific locations are not indicated, but a distance of 150 and 600 km is signified. In the first case, at least two paths and at least five paths are prepared. In the second case, at least three and at least two trips. A contractor is required to provide Mercedes-Benz buses or an equivalent manufactured no later than 2013 to provide this service.

Guests will not leave Tatarstan without memories. The main tourism committee of the republic decided to please them with chak-chak. A contractor must prepare at least 10 pieces of 700 g each and at least 50 pieces of 300 g each.

Photo: Maxim Platonov

Welcome to Tatarstan

One of the goals of the Tatarstan State Committee for Tourism is to increase the competitiveness of the Tatarstan tourist complex in the Russian and international tourist markets, in particular to create a favorable tourist image of the republic and increase the quantity and the diversity of tourist services provided. To the population. And the committee is working seriously in this area, including working with bloggers and journalists.

In August, filming for the travel show Who is Russia with bloggers from Italy, Morocco, Japan, India, Moldova, Angola and Zambia wrapped in Tatarstan. At Lake Kaban in Kazan, they searched for the treasures of the Kazan khans and learned the secrets and legends of the history of the republic. In Bolgar, they spoke with the imam of the White Mosque. In the island city of Sviyazhsk, they visited traditional workshops, etc. At the end of the tour, they shared their impressions with the citizens of Kazan in a stand-up. Bloggers also help attract tourists to Tatarstan on TikTok. In the spring, the State Committee for Tourism announced a competition for the best video about how cool it is to travel to Kazan. In the end, users of the popular social network managed to see more than 50 videos of Tatarstan bloggers about the attractiveness of the republic.

This year, the Tatarstan State Committee for Tourism has already received journalists from Murmansk and representatives of five federal newspapers – Interfax-Tourism, RIA Novosti, Evening Moscow, Komsomolskaya Pravda and Rossiyskaya Gazeta. The latter, by the way, arrived in the republic on September 13, on the first subsidized charter flight from Moscow to Kazan with tourists. For a few days in Tatarstan, they got to know Sviyazhsk, the Great Bolgar, Innopolis, the Kazan Kremlin and the Temple of All Religions.

Photo: Maxim Platonov

How to attract to Tatarstan on the way and watching a series

To attract tourists to Tatarstan, the authorities are not limited to press tours for journalists and bloggers, they resort to the usual methods. This month, the Tatarstan Committee for Tourism announced a tender for an advertisement to promote the republic’s tourist opportunities in Moscow and St. Petersburg for almost 8 million rubles. Nearly 5,000 posters in tourist cars will be placed on Sapsan high-speed trains, which connect the cities. It is expected that the attraction of Moscow and Petersburg citizens to Tatarstan will last at least a month.

To this end, the tourism commission ordered the dissemination of videos aimed at attracting travelers to Tatarstan, on the website of online cinema ivi. 3.9 million rubles were allocated for this from the Republican budget. Throughout the advertising campaign, which will run from September 1 to December 25, 2021 inclusive, the videos are expected to be played at least 2,477,396 times. They must cover at least 495,480 unique viewers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Bashkiria, Mari El, Mordovia, Udmurtia, Chuvashia, Perm Krai, Arkhangelsk, Kirov, Murmansk, Nizhny Novgorod, Orenburg, Penza, Ulyanovsk, Samara and the oblasts of Saratov.

Photo: Maxim Platonov

The effort of the Tatarstan State Committee for Tourism bears fruit. In 8 months of 2021, 2.9 million tourists visited Kazan, which is only 7% less than in 2019. In other words, tourist traffic to the capital of Tatarstan reached the pre-pandemic level . The committee hopes that their number will increase to 3.5 million people by the end of the year.

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